Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to file charges against Tonya Pendley

If anyone would like to know how to go about filing charges against this thief from Jasper, Alabama, please contact me! I was notified today that she wrote 300 bad checks on Etsy. I don't know how many more to other selling venues. The more charges filed, the more "intent" to defraud. Hopefully, some prison time.

Here are exerpts from several sellers:

OK, the first thing I did was make copies of all the evidence I had (the returned check, as well as everything I found on the internet showing that she had done this to numerous people.) Then I mailed it to the Attorney General in Ohio (where I live) and Alabama (where she lives). I just Googled the addresses. I also filed a complaint online with the Postal Inspector since it's considered mail fraud to send bad checks through the mail. I got a notice from them about a week after I filed my complaint saying that they'd contact me if they needed more info. And finally I filed a complaint with the FBI's internet fraud department. Here's the link for that I hope this helps, and I hope that with enough people filing complaints against her, Tonya Pendley can be stopped. Let me know if you need anything else, or if you get any responses about any of this. My mother (who sent the FBI link) said I may never hear back from them, but that doesn't mean they're not taking action. Best of luck to you!


I, too, have been cheated by this woman. Over 150 hours invested in crocheted afghans, and over $200 worth of merchandise! Please let me know what you are doing so I can participate in catching her and keeping her from doing this to others.


I'm glad I saw it too, although, was kinda dismayed when I found out quite a few people were losing hundreds of dollars...Is Ms Pendley setting up shop, I wonder??? Unfortunately, yes, I did ship - the check had been cleared for two weeks, and seeing as it had, and was for less than $50.I shipped it off! Of course, a couple of days later, and the check shows up returned, in my mailbox, courtesy of my bank!As I said, just grateful it wasn't more, although, had it been, I might have been a bit more concerned a check.(they're so rare anymore, I don't even know if I can find my checkbook it's been so long since I wrote one!)Regardless, please do pass the info on, and, yes, I have a copy of the check, and the slip from the bank stating that the account was 'closed', not NSF. There's also a fair sized thread on the Lampwork etc. message board - if you haven't seen it yet, here's the link: she really likes lampwork beads too...imagine, a thief with taste!)

One more:

Found your blog searching for, (guess who) our friend Ms Tonya Pendley.You can add me to your list of victims, although, I'm in Canada, so I'm not sure if my info can be of any help. Luckily my transaction was only for $30. so it looks like I got off easy! Regardless, if you or someone handling this issue requires my info, please do let me know.I'll also be calling the police in Jasper just to give them a heads up, I'm certain they've heard this name already by the quanitity of posts regarding this person flying around the internet.

Don't feel alone! Please, please call your bank, get a copy of the check and send it in. Don't let her get away with this!!

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