Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lanyard ID Badge Holders

A lanyard is worn around the neck to hold your id badge, eyeglasses, keys, etc., to prevent loss and to display your work identification badge.

I always loved wearing different lanyards to work, from elegant to casual.  Somehow, it made the workdays a little better.  Everyone else wanted them, too. 

I make high quality lanyards in a variety of styles using crystals, beads, silver findings, and more.  

I am able to customize by profession, hobby, length, color, dress style, bead or crystal. 

I have airline lanyards in stock, red, white, and blue.  I can make them in any color needed.  I can also add a watch to the lanyard.

These are also great for teachers, medical professionals, governments workers; anyone that needs to wear an id badge.  

I also make them for men.  I made one for my son in wood beads with a bear and a bull charm because he works for Charles Schwab.  He loves it! 

I use extremely strong (over 3000 gauss) magnetic breakaway clasps.  These clasps are required by some professions and they help prevent breakage if you should catch your lanyard on something.  I can also make them without the breakaway clasp, or with a toggle clasp, if you prefer.

The standard length is 19 inches from the back of the neck to the top of the jump ring that holds the lobster clasp.  I don't add the clasps until the lanyard is sold, so changing the length is not a problem.

I love custom orders and gladly accept them!

Take a look at what's available in my studio.  I stand behind each piece I make.  Hope to see you there.

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