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Paracord Survival Bracelets, Lanyards, Key Fobs

I was asked to make a survival bracelet for a friend that is also in law enforcement. I hadn't done any knotting, or weaving, for many years. Remember all those macrame hanging flower pot holders? Ugh.

Well, that one bracelet has turned into many, many bracelets, styles, colors, add on features, and more.

I have one style finished with a POLICE tag, and one with a stainless steel engraved badge with Protect and Serve.  I have one for firefighters with the Maltese Cross.

I have just finished a new design for U.S. Marshals and Deputy Sheriff. No photos before my husband raced out the door with them to show his friend. The marshal bracelet is done in navy blue, gray, and white. The sheriff deputy is done in khaki tan and green. (other colors available)

I am in the process of making them for the Customs and Border Patrol.

My nephew wanted one with the Detroit Red Wings colors and my brother with navy blue because he was in the US Navy.

My brother-in-law spends a lot of time outdoors in Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho. He does a lot of snowmobiling, atv riding, etc.

I am amazed at all the things these bracelets can do.

Paracord was first used during World War II as the main suspension lines for paratroopers. When it was first given to the troops they quickly found many uses for it in surviving the trials of battle.

There are many uses for a paracord survival bracelet. You can mark a trail, build a lean to, fish for your dinner, use as a tourniquet to stop bleeding, stitch up a wound, use a thin thread to sew up tears and holes, you can floss with it, and even use it to replace broken shoelaces. In case of a survival situation, the bracelet is unwound and the cord is used for what ever purpose is needed.

I have the ferro fire starting rods that are incorporated into the weave. These are the biggest toy for my husband. He loves to strike it and start cotton balls on fire. In the kitchen, no less. We use it to start fires in the fire pit out back.

The next thing they wanted was something more elaborate. I made a few with the fire rod, two split shot weights, two fishing hooks, and 25 feet of 30# test Spyderwire fishing line. These are not visible from the outside of the bracelet. Pretty cool, right?

Next, they decided that I should add water purification tablets. Done!

My chiropractor has requested a belt. The belt will have all of the above, plus a saw! I am also thinking of adding a condom to use as a water carrier.

I have to tell you that I am having a blast with these.

My husband, and all his fellow law enforcement friends, are going crazy over these.  Every time he goes out, he comes home with orders. Of ALL the things I've created over the course of our 31 year marriage, this is the most excited I've ever seen him.

He's always been supportive of my business's, but he is ga ga over this one. He thinks I'm going to have to close my three shops and just fill his orders!

I haven't even had time to get them all listed, but you can see the paracord bracelets  and the lanyards and keychains at my shop on etsy.

Many of the cobra weave bracelets start at $6.95, and can have the following additional features:

Fishing hooks, line, and split shot, water purification tablets - $7.oo
Ferro Fire Starting Rod - $7.00
Stainless Steel Police Badge Tag - $7.00
Stainless Steel Firefighter Tag - $7.00
Stainess Steel Sheriff Deputy - (new design available in about 10 days) price - ?
Us Marshal Dog Tag - $10.00 (Very hard to find. Supply and demand, I guess)
Border Patrol Dog Tag - $7.00
Black Police Tag - $7.00
Side Release Buckle Clasp with Built in Whistle - $0

Which reminds me, the survival bracelet are for ladies and children, too. The built in whistle is really a security feature for anyone that has to walk to their car at night, or to a bus stop, etc.

It's a great deterrent for weirdos!

There are more than 600 colors available and an endless amount of color combinations. You can have one made in school colors, favorite team colors, and more!

There are other weaves available, but the cobra weave works best with the add ons.

Everything is handmade in the USA.

Can you tell I'm very excited about these?

More to follow!

If you have a custom request, just email me at

Have a great day!

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  1. Can you tell me where you get your tags from? I make these and am interested in experimenting.


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