Monday, September 21, 2009

I've been Tagged

I was tagged by The Blue Daisy Designs
, so it's my turn to tell you 10 interesting facts about me.

1. I'm married - 26 years. We were set up at a University of Arizona football game by friends.

2. We have two children, a son and a daughter.

3. We have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old granddaughter.

4. We have three fur babies. Jack is a blond Chihuahua, and he's six. Harley is also a Chihuahua (black), and he's three. Hunter is an apricot tabby and he's 14. I'm allergic to him. :-{

5. I live in Oro Valley, Arizona, just NW of Tucson.

6. I'm retired. I spent 11 years with the telephone company, owned a medical billing service for 15 years, worked almost every area of medicine, did consulting and practice management.

7. I'm a Scorpio and seven is my lucky number.

8. I've done artwork, ceramics, crocheting, knitting, doll making, sewing, macrame and more. The last five years my complete and sole passionate hobby has been jewelry.

9. I don't like grocery shopping. It means I have to cook things.

10. I really don't like housework! It interferes with my jewelry time!

Now it's your turn! Tag, you're it!

1. essensu

2. mzzthang

3. catinalife

4. spoiledbratzwear

5. bluealmonds

6. ambientlights

7. buttonwilloe

8. exquisitestudios

9. 1BeadAtATime

10. miabellacollection

To all of those who have been tagged, simply copy and paste the "Tag your It" badge to your blog, tell us 10 interesting facts about yourself and then tag 10 others.

Have fun!



  1. Since I've been tagged, here we go:

    1) My real name is Amelia
    2) Kids at school used to make fun of my name so I decided to go by Emily. It's the English version of the German name. My mother used to call me Emily sometimes so I just kept it.
    3) I have been married for 3 years to the best guy EVER-Greg!
    4) I think the teenage years are hardest on parents.
    5) I really want to be able to spend more time working from my studio than working at my full-time job.
    6) I cherish my family and I wish I had the opportunity to know more of my extended family before they died.
    7) I do love my full-time job but I don't think my heart's in it anymore.
    8) I believe in God and am a very spiritual woman.
    9) I cannot wire-wrap to save my life--but I'm still working on it.
    10) I love being at Artfire and revel in the friendships I've made here.


  2. TY for tagging me!! I unfortunately don't know to operate the blog that I have and it sits unattended and set for my viewing only (b/c theres's nothing there ; ) I will figure out a way to "tag" you back in another way tho!

    TY again!

    ~ Becki =)

    aka Ambient Lights


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