Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Little Rescue from FAIR - Max

This is our latest little rescue, Max. We got him from F.A.I.R., on February 22.  Found out 10 days later during a routine exam,  that he had been either hit by a car or abused before we got him.  His jaw had been broken, his hip fractured and his pelvis broken.  None of the injuries had been treated.  

We had a specialist review the very ugly x-rays, but there is nothing that can be done.  It's just too late. 

We were very sad that F.A.I.R., did not disclose this information.  They told us that he had been brought in to a vet's office as a stray runaway.  Even when we were having behavioral problems with him the first couple of weeks, went back to talk to them several times, they didn't tell us about his history.  They told us that they had tracked his owner down through the microchip, and the owner just said he didn't want him anymore.  They insinuated over and over that he had had dug out.

When we finally found out why he was so irritable (great pain), we went back to F.A.I.R. again.  They told us that their vet never saw a problem.  Funny, mine didn't even get him on the table before she knew from his snaggletooth and gait, that there were definite problems.

Our vet said that his prognosis isn't great, but there are options like laser therapy or acupuncture that we can try also.  He is so sweet and on oral pain management every day.  Finally peace in the house with our two other furbabies, Jack and Harley!

He is very, very loved and spoiled! 

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